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        Preservative sodium diacetate and food

        Time: 2016-03-14 10:50:36Copyfrom: Nantong alchemy biotech development Co., Ltd.
        Along with the people to strengthen the consciousness of food quality, security, non-toxic, highly efficient food additives more and more for the industry accepted, sodium diacetate as a food preservative, because of its safety and efficient become in recent years the vigorously develop and recognized as a promising antifungal products preservation. It in 1922 were synthesized. In 1942 by the United States first for bread mold and apply for a patent, the seventies of the last century started in other industries. In 1982, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized as an additive to register, through the GRAZ qualification. 1986 re examination, is still through food additives, and by the additive category of registration. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and WHO (WHO) has approved SDA for use in food dmx-7 preservative in cereals. China's Ministry of health in July 9, 1990 approved the use of food additives (sodium diacetate as GB276089).
        A, properties of sodium diacetate
        Referred to as sodium diacetate (SodiumDiacetate) of the SDA, the molecular weight of the anhydrous material 142.9 white crystalline powder, acetic acid odor, easily absorb moisture, soluble in water and alcohol, crystal structure is a regular hexahedron, melting point 96 DEG C ~ 97 DEG C, heated to 150 DEG C above decomposition. The quality standard is shown in table 1.
        Table 1: the quality standard of sodium diacetate
        Project index
        Sodium acetate content (dry basis);% 58 ~ 60
        Free acid content; 41 ~ 39
        The water is less than 2%;
        PH (10% aqueous solution) 4.5 to 5
        Easy oxide is less than or equal to 0.2
        Arsenic (As); mg / kg = 3
        Heavy metal (Pb); mg / kg = 10
        Second, the service of the toxicity experiment indicate that, the mouse LD50 was 3.31 / kg, rat LD50 for 4.968g / kg, belongs to low grade, teratogenic, carcinogenic and mutagenic test were negative, cumulative test also showed no significantly clinical symptoms of poisoning, histopathological examination found no significant morphological changes, so sodium diacetate is safe and non-toxic food additives.
        Three, the main characteristics of sodium diacetate
        A) mold corrosion effect is better than that of benzoic acid salts, is generally the amount of 0.3 ~ 3G / kg.
        B) does not change the food characteristics, is not affected by the food itself pH, to participate in the body's metabolism, H2O and CO2, can be considered as part of the food, to maintain the original flavor and nutrition ingredients.
        C) the use of a wide range, not only for all kinds of food preservative and in pharmaceutical, tobacco, paper, fresh fruits, feed and other industries also great application.
        D) the operation is convenient and flexible, and can be directly added can also be sprayed or impregnated.
        E) the sour taste is soft, and it overcomes the peculiar smell of the propionate.
        Four, antibacterial mechanism and effect of sodium diacetate
        Studies have shown that sodium diacetate is mainly through effectively penetrate into the fungal cell wall and interfere with the enzyme interactions, to inhibit the generation of mold, so as to achieve, mildew and antiseptic. Sodium Diacetate on Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Aspergillus flavus toxin, Trichoderma has better inhibitory effect of sorbic acid, see table 2:
        Five, the practical application of sodium diacetate in food
        Drinks, beer
        1 non alcoholic drinks: the addition amount is 0.05% ~ 0.06%.
        2 carbonated drinks: adding amount of 0.04% to 0.05%.
        3 fresh orange juice, hawthorn juice was added to 0.04%, can be preserved for six months.
        Soy sauce, sauce, pickles, pickled cabbage, pickles class
        1, add soy sauce 0.3%, high temperature season to save three months without mildew.
        2. Sauce: due to the relatively thick, sodium diacetate is not easy to in which are uniformly dispersed, in the factory, under the heating condition by adding 5% sodium diacetate aqueous solution.
        The 3 pickle: sodium diacetate solution added to soy sauce, adding 3 g / kg.
        4 lees pickles: can be added in the solution of sodium diacetate in wine or liquor, adding 2 g / kg.
        5 vinegar pickles: added directly, adding 1 g / kg.
        Sodium diacetate 6 pickled gherkins, beet root and other vegetables can add salt and vinegar with salt in the amount of. In order to prevent the first pickle brine turbid, salt, spices and sodium diacetate is soluble in water and then add vinegar.
        7. Pickles: the brewing operation to very carefully, avoiding contamination, otherwise a tan vegetables will rot away. If the use of sodium diacetate, making kimchi can without kimchi altar, all over the country can always make kimchi. Reference method: in a container add cold water dissolved sodium diacetate made 5% aqueous solution, add salt, seasoning, and then put into the wash dishes, such as: kohlrabi, cucumber, pepper, celery, cowpea angle, can ensure the pellicle of two months is not long and delicious dishes (class must not in the water, cannot reveal the surface). In addition, if the pickle manufacturer bagged pickled vegetable, should add 3 g / kg (fresh weight) of sodium diacetate can guarantee six months not moldy metamorphism.
        8 kind of pickled vegetables: cabbage hair cylinder acid, the sodium diacetate with a small amount of water dissolved evenly into the cylinder can be. Dosage is 2 g / kg (fresh weight) if in pickled vegetables also joined this product can, with this product, below the temperature of 20 to 25 DEG C, sauerkraut long pellicle, not decay, the same smell fresh to the next year, pickled vegetables, pickled cabbage still crispy. Using the same method as: pickled cucumber, pepper, carrot, celery, mustard, mustard, pickled cowpea and halogen acid.
        9. Mixed sauce mildew: pickles is a quarter of production throughout the year to supply, pickles in salt brine, not often flip, in general will be long pellicle, sometimes long surface pellicle and very salty taste, especially bagged sauce, 25 days to mildew, if added 3 g / kg of sodium diacetate, pickles and retail although flip, can be fresh for up to four months.
        Fish products and aquatic products
        1. Fish products: the pH of the surimi products should be in 6.8 to 7.2, if the lower pH will affect Kamaboko elastic, so sodium diacetate amount can not be more than 2 g / kg.
        2. Fish sausage: adding sodium diacetate 3 ~ 4 grams / kg, stored at the temperature of 30 DEG C, stored for three weeks without deterioration and a control sample of a week is metamorphic. When the meat sausage pH, adjusted to less than 10, at 6 to 15 degrees Celsius, storage for three months without deterioration.
        3. Dried fish products: dried fish products dry high degree, moisture content in less than 30% of the products, not corrupt, but will mold. Double sodium acetate concentration of 2 g / kg.
        4 fish: sodium diacetate solution spraying 10% ~ 12% in the smoked fish products. During the spraying process can be smoked before, can also be smoked during or after smoking.
        5 fish sauce: adding 2 g / kg of sodium diacetate at 10 to 15 DEG, stored for three months without deterioration.
        6. Fish, shrimp and other aquatic products: fish washed, immersed in 10% sodium diacetate in liquid water 30 minutes are then ranked to solution, the frozen fish, fish flavor remained unchanged, and under the temperature of 30 DEG C save a week. Same flavor.
        Cakes and biscuits
        Sodium diacetate can be directly added to the flour and dough, adding 0.4% (flour weight).
        Soybean milk powder
        Sodium diacetate in soybean crushing add, add the amount of 0.2% by weight of soybean, with other fungicides that does not have the special effect.
        He purpose of tobacco: with 2% sodium diacetate spray freshly harvested tobacco. In 25 to 28 DEG C temperature of 90% relative temperature storage for 20 days.
        2 Edible syrup: adding 0.1% sodium diacetate syrup can prevent mildew.
        Sodium diacetate because of its safety, non-toxic, no residue, is listed as developed by the international organization of food antiseptic agent, has been widely used in various types of food, and gradually replaced the potential hazards of sorbic acid salt and sodium benzoate on the human body and its application to ensure the quality of the food, maintain human health is of great significance, so the development of broad prospects.
        Table 2: the inhibitory effect of Sodium Diacetate on mildew
        The name of Aspergillus niger Rhizopus flavus Penicillium expansum Trichoderma viride
        Class SDA SDA,, SDA, SDA, SDA
        Concentration (L / mg) 5200670050009100 27003500 5200910020003000
        Time (day) 1010 3020202020206060
        Effect: + + + + + +
        Minimum inhibitory concentration 5200790045009100 30004000 (L / mg)
        9.9ml wash note: mildews in sterile conditions were inoculated in solid PDA culture medium, to 25 DEG C cultured for 10 days, the spores in sterile water solution, diluted to 105 / ml of the spore suspension, take a certain amount of sodium diacetate or sorbic acid is added to the liquid PDA culture medium, shake after loading into the tube, according to each strain were prepared 1000 ~ 10000mg / L with different concentrations of culture medium, and then take 0.1ml of fungal spore suspension liquid is added into the containing different concentrations of sodium diacetate or sorbic acid medium, set aside for 30 DEG C for constant temperature incubator to observe mycelial growth: + said hyphae are rare, said there was no hyphae.


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